London based Tallulah de Castro-Gray (b.1996) is an Anglo-Brazilian artist. Tallulah works with mixed methods of painting to produce large dramatic works that focus on gestural abstraction and colour theory to provoke emotion.


Artist's Statement

I strongly advocate that we can heal ourselves, through spirituality. I believe that my purpose on this planet, is primarily to raise awareness about this, in order to take human consciousness to the next level.

My paintings plant this seed, through figurative motifs of human/animal hybrids, living peacefully in colourful utopias. Plants, animals and humans, are sinuously imbued with spiritual symbols, to evoke a feeling of ‘oneness’ through sacred works. 

My compositions are, first and foremost, inspired by planet earth and pushed
further through abstraction, to emanate a feeling of magic.

Each painting represents a different world. For example, a seascape with rainbow spinning mermaids, a jungle full of talking trees, or a starry sky full of floating spirits…the paintings are inherently and playfully transcendental. 

Rudolph Steiner’s teachings on colour, inspire my work. Steiner states: ‘The soul is in the element of spirit all the time it is living in colour. What is experienced in paintings is, as it were, the soul moving freely in the cosmos.’  

This notion of connecting to the spirit, through painting, is at the core of my practice. I believe that it is possible, not only to connect to the spirit through colour, but, moreover, to heal emotional wounds. To investigate this, I research chromotherapy, to use colour as a vehicle for these propositions. 

 Painting is a visceral, human experience with tactile and sensuous properties. In this respect, it suits an inherent drive I have within me to create. I am using painting to translate my inner world and in doing so I have a voice.

Wassily Kandinsky’s colour theories and mysticism in his book, ‘Concerning the Spiritual in Art,’ resonates with my practice.

I believe that colour has a profound, spiritual effect on the soul and it is my journey to explore this to its fullest potential. 

In turn, I purposefully create works which are innately colourful and attract the viewer through their hypnotic use of psychedelia. In this respect, I think my work can provide wellbeing to the viewer, on a variety of levels. In short…I want them to feel good.